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Women’s Trauma Support Group Info

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Information on an important program!group-157841_640

“The Women’s Trauma Support Group, a ten week free counseling program, began July 7th, at the Gloucester library. The group meets Tuesdays at noon and lasts between 60 and 90 minutes. So long as funds remain, a small lunch is provided free as well. Additionally, Bay Transit tickets are available free for those who need them in order to attend. This is a ten week “closed” group, meaning once a new group starts new referrals must wait for the next group. Thus far we are operating at around 50% capacity and hope to see additional referrals for new groups beginning early this fall. The group is co-facilitated by counselors from District 5 Probation and Parole and Chesapeake Counseling Center. Referrals are screened by Chesapeake Counseling Center, but women do not need to be active clients of either program. Women who attend may choose to opt out at any time.”

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