Gloucester Resource Council

Abingdon Ruritan Club

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Ruritans are a group of community minded citizens joining together to meet community needs while embracing the Ruritan motto of Fellowship themselves into several committees, each with specific areas of interest, and every club member serves on one or more committees. In addition to the “standard” committees of Ruritan, Abindgon Ruritan Club also has an active Relay for Life Team!


Ruritan’s purpose is to create a better understanding among people, and, through volunteer community service, make America’s communities better places in which to live, work, and raise families. Club membership represents a cross-section of the community in which the club serves and is not restrictive with regard to occupation, social position, or any other specific criteria.


To learn more about the Abindgon Ruritan Club, please visit their website at, and be sure to like their FB page at !


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