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Are You Flood Fluent?


Pop Quiz: What is the most common natural disaster: fires, hurricanes, tornadoes or flooding? Which region is experiencing the highest rate of sea level rise in the U.S.? And if your home floods, is flood damage typically covered by your homeowners or renters insurance?
If you answered “flooding,” “Hampton Roads” and “no,” you are well on your way to becoming flood fluent. To separate fact from fiction when it comes to flooding risks in our area, the initiative is underway. The website and region-wide public awareness campaign educates about flood risks using easy-to-understand language, an interactive challenge to test your flooding fluency, video stories of local residents whose homes were devastated by local flooding and lots of facts.
Did you know that just one inch of water in your home can cost more than $25,000 in repairs?
You could hope you and your home are never impacted by flooding. Or, you can protect yourself
from devastating loss by purchasing flood insurance. To get all the facts, visit