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ANOTHER Gloucester Resource Council SUCCESS STORY!

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Image may contain: 1 person, closeupOn Feb. 29, Gloucester resident Randy Troutman received a call that, due to ever-decreasing numbers, he was being laid off as a site manager at a local manufacturing plant. This was not totally unexpected, as the plant’s numbers had been trending downward for years. After a couple days of reflecting on what to do, Randy decided to contact some folks he knew could help.

He called Lisa Taylor of Virginia Career Works. The two have known each other for many years. She told him he really needed to go to the Gloucester Resource Council meeting in March as there would be folks there that could possibly help. While there, Randy identified himself and explained his situation to the group. Diana Cordero, also of VCW, pulled him aside after the meeting and took some information from him, along with the resume he had brought.

The next week, Diana called him to schedule a meeting and after reviewing his qualifications, remembered they just had a resignation at their Hampton VCW office and asked if he might be interested. After hearing the job description for the One Stop Operator/Career Center Manager for the Greater Peninsula Region, Randy told her that was right up his alley and he sure would like to apply for it.

Immediately after that, COVID-19 hit and shut everything down. But, they pressed on by doing everything remotely. After two Zoom interviews from Randy’s dining room, he was contacted to say that he was their choice for the position, and started with VCW on May 18.

“Although I’ve been there less than a month, I know it will be a great fit for me,” Randy said. “It involves assisting people to get training and education if needed, and coordinating between job seekers and employers. I couldn’t imagine a more rewarding position to be in. The Gloucester Resource Council meeting was the catalyst in helping me find this great opportunity. I would urge others to avail themselves of this resource, or just attend for the wealth of information dealing with county affairs.”

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