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COVID-19 Vaccine Scams

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Be on the lookout for these COVID19 vaccine scams:
✓ You do not pay out-of-pocket to get the vaccine.
✓ Beware of marketers offering to sell or ship doses of the vaccine for payment.
✓ You cannot pay to put your name on a list to get the vaccine early.
✓ No one from Medicare or your health department will contact you without you indicating interest/scheduling an appointment first.
✓ Beware of providers offering other products, treatments or medicines to prevent the coronavirus. Always call your physician first to check the validity of such products.
✓ No one from a vaccine distribution site or health care organization will call and ask for your Medicare number, social security number, or banking information to sign you up for a vaccine.

If you believe you have been the victim of COVID19 fraud, immediately report it: Health and Human Services 1.800.444.8477 or

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Important Vaccine Information Update!

Virginia Department of Health Archives - The River 95.3

The Three Rivers Health District has launched a new website for members of the public to indicate their interest in receiving a COVID-19 vaccination during Phase 1b. Please be aware the form DOES NOT automatically schedule an appointment. Three Rivers Health District staff will reach out to you with more information as vaccination clinics are scheduled. Expect major delays based on high demand and severely limited vaccine supply.

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Start of Spring 2021 FitEx Middle Peninsula Program

What is FitEx? An 8-week, team-based health program designed to increase physical activity and improve eating habits. For the Middle Peninsula, the spring edition of FitEx launches February 7th and goes through April 3rd, with registration opening February 1st.

From February 1 until February 6:

• Step 1: Find a team of six (could be friends, family, or coworkers), choose a captain and a team name.

• Step 2: Set a goal for how many miles/steps you will finish in 8 weeks. A “FitEx mile” is one mile walking or running or any 15-minute bout of moderate physical activity, such as an aerobics class.

• Step 3: Captains register online at Select your county when registering. A link for automated team member registration will then be available on your account – the captain can either send that link to their team members, or team members can register after the captain by selecting “team member” in registration, then select the appropriate state and county, and a drop-down menu will appear with teams to join. Submit your team registration fee by contacting Glenn Sturm at or 804-815-9458. Program fees (only $2 per person) can be paid via check or cash – contact Glenn Sturm for more information!

February 7: FitEx begins – get moving and eat those veggies!

• Step 4: Sign-in to your FitEx page every day (or at minimum, once a week) and log the number of miles, steps, and exercises you’ve done and the number of cups of fruits and vegetables you’ve eaten. Work on being more active (whether on your own or as a team while social distancing) and increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables!• Step 5: View the FitEx tracking charts to see how you are doing, watch your team work toward your team goals, and compare your team to others across Virginia and Wyoming!

April 3: FitEx ends – celebrate!


How much does FitEx cost? $2 per person or $12 for a team of 6.

I don’t have 6 people on my team. Can we participate? Yes! You may have 4-6 people per team. Remember to adjust your payment amount – $2 per person.

FitEx is inclusive of all people, including those with a range of physical and intellectual abilities. Any bodily movement (physical activity) at a 15-minute duration counts as a “mile” of activity. Please speak to your healthcare provider if you have questions about safe and appropriate activities for you and/or your team members. Please contact the research team at to discuss any needs for yourself or a team member.

For more information, contact course coordinator – Glenn Sturm at or 804-815-9458. Also, feel free to get in touch with the other FitEx Community Task Force members! Tammy Oberndorfer and Nancy Fisher. Lastly, be sure to like and follow Fit-Ex on Facebook to follow all of the fun weekly events and connect with Fit-Exers in Virginia and Wyoming!