Gloucester Resource Council

GUEST Homeless Shelter Schedule


For those interested, here are the shelter dates and locations for the GUEST program:

Week of:
December 7—- First Presbyterian Church Gloucester
December 14— Abingdon Episcopal Church
December 21—Gloucester Moose Lodge
December 28— Newington Baptist Church
January 4——– Bethany United Methodist Church
January 11—— Olive Branch United Methodist Church, Gloucester
January 18—— Gloucester Point Baptist Church
January 25—— Newington Baptist Church
February 1—— Bethany United Methodist Church
February 8—— Susanna Wesley United Methodist Church
February 15—- Abingdon Episcopal Church
February 22—- First Presbyterian Church
February 29—- Bethany United Methodist Church
March 7——— Newington Baptist Church
March 14——- Gloucester Point Baptist Church
March 21——- Susanna Wesley United Methodist Church
March 28——- First Presbyterian Church

For more information, you can visit their facebook page at


4 thoughts on “GUEST Homeless Shelter Schedule

  1. It appears that the churches in your community are coordinated and/or taking turns hosting street homeless people. Is that correct?


    • That is correct! There is also a day shelter, a small house right near the Gloucester Moose Lodge, for those who are homeless to go during the day so that they can wash their clothes, conduct job searches, coordinate with other organizations/resources in the community to address unmet needs or help them transition out of homelessness.


  2. oh… WOW! I wanna go to your church! Bless you… bless you all…

    I am in Lubbock, TX. The buckle of the Bible belt, but we don’t do that here. We put our homeless in a tent (or let them roam the streets until it gets so cold we put them in a barn.

    That’s Jesus out there! (Matt. 25:35/40). Wish we had him INSIDE the church with us – even if we rotated turns keeping him! And he says, “Behold! I stand at the door and knock. If you open up, I will come in and eat with you…” (Rev. 3:20).

    I dunno where Gloucester is, but I sense I aint no where near there. Probably a thousand miles away. But I want you to know, you bless me too – all the way down here Texas way. Thank you for doin’ whatchya doin” an’ keep it up!

    so glad I found ya

    Agent X
    Fat Beggars School of Prophets
    Lubbock, Texas

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  3. We’re in Virginia, near the Atlantic coast. We definitely appreciate your kind words! And who knows, three years ago GUEST was only an idea dreamt up by some incredible people in the county, and now it’s a well-oiled machine that’s taking the next step to connect those in homelessness to resources to help transition them out and improve their lives for the long-term – someday you may have that in Lubbock!

    Glenn Sturm
    GRC Chair

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